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Jakob opens up on the songwriting process and adding new, steady members to the band.

From the Q and A

Written by Kendra Meinert, Gannett Wisconsin Media

After a seven-year break, The Wallflowers are back.

For the record, that’s a break, not a breakup. The rock band fronted by Jakob Dylan merely took a breather from a career that started in 1989 in Los Angeles and includes two Grammys for 1996’s “Bringing Down the Horse,” an album that shot the band to fame on the strength of hits like “6th Avenue Heartache,” “One Headlight” and “Three Marlenas.”

“I wouldn’t say we were drama free, but I think all that was mounting just because we hadn’t taken a break, and that’s what we all kind of unanimously felt was required at that point,” Dylan said by phone Tuesday. “We had never suggested, like some groups, that we were only going to do the one group. I think we were surprised at that point when we did take a break that it had been 15 years, especially for myself. The guys had always been able to do different things when I was writing records, but I was always kind of just strapped into just doing Wallflowers. It was necessary for everybody to just step away for a minute.”

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