Back Glad All Over — 2012

On November 1, 2011, Jakob Dylan told Rolling Stone magazine that The Wallflowers have ended their hiatus, stating: “I always wanted to. I never suggested we were breaking up. We all felt we were losing the plot a little bit and we needed a break. And that year break becomes two years, then becomes three years, and before you know it five or six years go by pretty quickly. I can’t do what I do in the Wallflowers without them. I miss it. I’m happy to put the acoustic guitar down. That was something I wanted to do, but I never planned on hitting the road and just being the guy with a guitar out there. That never has been exciting to me. I came up loving bands and I want to be in one.” He also revealed that a new album is in the works.

In an interview with St. Joseph News Press, Jakob revealed the lineup for the reunion, “Rami Jaffee and Greg Richling and Fred Eltringham. It would be the same lineup as the last record, and two of those guys have been with me since ’92.”

On January 31, 2012 the band posted on their official Facebook page that they are currently in the studio with the following line-up: Jakob Dylan, Rami Jaffee, Greg Richling, Stuart Mathis, and drummer Jack Irons. On April 19, 2012, following a private performance in New York City, Jakob Dylan announced that The Wallflowers will be releasing their sixth studio album in September 2012.

Finally on July 12, 2012, the Wallflowers have announced the title of their new studio album. It will be called Glad All Over and will be released on October 9, 2012. The first single from Glad All Over, “Reboot the Mission” was released for free on July 24, 2012.[7]